Trace and Status enquiries:

Providing tracing facilities for financial institutions is how the business began. Instructions are received via a GDPR compliant, secure online portal that is B2B ready. Our online instruction form has been honed by 100's of client users to be what believe to be the most user-friendly interface in the UK. The instruction format is dynamic, only asking for relevant information to the type of enquiry requested. Instruction acknowledgement is instant and are turned around within 15 working days - an express 5-day service is also available.


End reports are standardised, real-time MI is available and the whole system can be attuned to our clients own hierarchical methodology. i.e. users only see what information is relevant to their position.


Each report includes a fact-based conclusion along with a litigation-based recommendation as to the next course of action. Our success rates obviously vary according to the type of work undertaken, the do however average 82% accross all sectors.

The company is dedicated to providing a reliable covert passive surveillance facility in support of corporate, legal and private investigations. We have also provided specialist training in both Surveillance and Counter Surveillance techniques to a number of organisations.


Our operatives are mostly drawn from ex-military and police, some have special forces and combat medical training.  Each has in-depth experience of conducting Surveillance, Specialist Security operations and or Close Protection operations.  All operatives hold a current SIA licence and are up to date on their CRB checks.


Our professional background has been instrumental in allowing the company to offer an effective and totally reliable service to our clients. We also provide specialist expertise in regarding risk management and the protection of “High Worth” individuals.

Secure lifestyle management surveys:

Our Secure Lifestyle Management Survey is designed to accurately assess the risk posed against “High Worth, High Profile” individuals and their families.


The aim of this unique service is to assess the level of threat and provide an appropriate counter measure to manage their lifestyle without compromising the quality of living. This could be achieved by procedural measures rather than the implementation of expensive physical security systems.


The risk profile survey identifies any weakness within the existing  'in place' measures that may affect the family, property, assets, image and reputation.

security services, coutner surveillance
security services, coutner surveillance, body guard
security services, counter surveillance, body guards
Asset Location:

To successfully trace money and property, the private investigator must know how to uncover hidden assets, how to identify ownership interests often camouflaged by changes in the form and nature of the ownership, and how to accurately unravel cleverly disguised control over, and interest in, property. Absconded have the solution.


Our asset investigations consist of discreet, in-depth reports which we utilize to locate hidden assets, verify assets and liabilities, and to provide preliminary information needed for seizing monies owed.

Process serving:

We do not claim to be the cheapest; we are certainly amongst the most effective. 


All types of documents served including:


  • Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy and Winding Up Petitions

  • Summons / Claim Forms

  • N39 / N79a Order to attend Court & Suspended Committal Orders

  • Divorce Petitions & Family Proceedings

  • Child proceedings

  • Witness Summons

  • Injunctions


Full UK coverage is provided.

Close protection, body guards, bodyguard

The EXPERT provision of :  Tracing - Status and pre sue reporting - Litigation support